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Iowa Ambush 

 Youth Basketball Academy

Ambush Apparel - Custom Team Uniforms


Yoli Sponsorship Program

If you are player OR parent that is interested in gaining muscle mass, staying hydrated, losing weight, or just feeling better, then Yoli is for you. Yoli is a Better Body Company that focuses on your entire body and it is a "health gain system" that can be used by all ages and body types. Are you an Iowa Ambush Team Member? If so, we will sponsor your son/daughter if anyone from your family signs up as a Member or a Preferred Customer.

- What if your son or daughter isn't on a team? Great we will still like to sponsor you, your son/daughter or someone you know to help you along your way to a healthier life!

- As a Member = You will receive a Sponsorship check for $150. You will have the opportunity to make extra money by sharing your results with anyone who is looking to make a change for their health. You will also have the chance to earn FREE products just by sharing!

- As a Preferred Customer = You will receive a Sponsorship check for $75. You will have the chance to earn FREE products and be on your way to making a change in your health!

Yoli Highlighted Products for Athletes

FUN - Rehydrate Drink = The best rehydrate drink I have ever had! I love this stuff! 10000% times better than Gatorade/PowerAde or anything else! 

ALKALETE - PH Balancer/Muscle Recovery = Athletes build up a ton of Lactic Acid and we eat food that is loaded with acid. Alkalete is the BEST PH Balancer on the market and will help an athletes body recover much faster than normal allowing for more gains in strength, speed, and overall performance.  

YES - Pre/Post Workout Shake = This protein based shake has a great balance of carbs, proteins, and minerals to help athletes recover and make performance gains. Most people think that shakes need to be "loaded with protein" or "more protein the better".. I hate to break it to everyone, but all the excess protein is doing is being stored as fat, making your kidneys work harder, and is ultimately not used = wasted money.

To Start:

Click the button to the right and sign up as a Member or Preferred Customer and add the products to your cart as you would any where else. Please email us to let us know you have signed up and we will get you your sponsorship money to you as soon as we can @ [email protected]

Thank you for wanting to make a change!


FAQ's about Program:

1. Can I start as a Preferred Customer and change in the future?

A: Yes. You will keep your spot within Yoli and will not lose any of your people under you.

2. Can I quit the program if it isn't for me?

A: Yes and there is no penalty to do so.

More FAQ's from Yoli please click below: